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Pahrump Justice Court Now Using Qless

Now when you come to the Pahrump Justice Court you will sign in using either the Qless kiosk in the lobby or via the Qless app.  
PJC Covid 19 Order & Remote Appearance Information

Welcome to the Pahrump Justice Court Website.

We the staff at the Pahrump Justice Court Departments A & B have provided this website in an effort to serve you, the citizens, better.
Our goal is that the information provided is helpful and will make your contact with us easier and more productive.

Information is ever-changing so be patient with us, however, if you see an error on the website please advise the webmaster so changes can be made.

About Justice Court
Nevada Justice Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, created by statute.  The court hears criminal matters (which include traffic violations), small claims, evictions, and civil matters up to $15,000.  The Justice Court also issues Temporary and Extended Protective Orders against Domestic Violence and/or Stalking & Harassment.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Pahrump Justice Court is to serve the community with fairness and integrity, to provide professional and quality public service, and enhance public trust and confidence in the court system by administering justice to the community, preserving and protecting the rights of the people with fair and impartial decisions.